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Pack 2020The Jupiter Cub pack is run by Bob & Anita Wallace with help from Jack Bresslaw (ACSL) his sister Lucy Bresslaw (ACSL) and Edward McCready (ACSL). We also have two young leaders helping us Aliyah and Damein. We have been running the pack for over 15 years. I am also the a District Cub Leader and am very active in the District. We are a friendly group and we try to run an interesting and varied programme. We aim to camp at least twice a year if not more. We do attend all District events, Archery, Air Rifle shooting, Soapbox Darby, Scooter Challenge, Quiz, Badge day, Cub Camp.
We meet every Tuesday night (term time only) at 6:30pm untill 8pm at our HQ in Chelmsford Drive.
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Cubs Firework Camp 2017

DSC 2219Have a look at the pictures from the Cubs Firework Camp.







Pets at Home

View the pictures of our visit to Pets at home.

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Jamboree on the Air

8th Hornchurch Jupiter Cub pack spent the day at Gilwell Park taking part in Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the internet.

The primary aim of JOTA/JOTI is to contact other Scout Groups around the world. The cubs used shortwave radio stations to contact other Scouts around Europe, as well as a VHF station contacting more local stations.DSC 0017

The Internet Café was running a variety of methods for making contact with other Scouts online – primarily through the moderated channels on ScoutLink.

Additional activities were electronic kit building. Where we built amplifiers. Weather satellite reception, an amateur TV station where we streamed pictures on the internet, and the latest computer controlled radio receivers. Unfortunately, conditions prevented us from hearing the International Space Station as it passed overhead.

The afternoon was filled with firstly climbing in the Lid on four different climbing activities then outside on the external climbing wall and then the 3g Swing.

During lunch we had a look around Gilwell to see the sights and held a find the largest conker competition.

A good day was had by all.

Bob Wallace




District Cub Camp 2017

This year’s camp was held at Gilwell park (the home of Scouting).
It was attended by 10 Hornchurch Cub Groups. There were plenty of site activities Freefall 2, Ariel Trek, Wobbly Pole, Jacobs Ladder and also our own bases to keep the Cubs entertained. Saturday evening there were bases supplied by each group and the Cubs went round and had a go at all of these. The weather held out and the sun shone most of the time. On the Sunday morning, we held the District Cubs Sports day, sports included were obstacle course, welly throwing, sack race, egg and spoon and normal running.

The results of the Sports day were

1st 2nd Squirrels Heath
2nd 7th Hornchurch
3rd 8th Hornchurch Jupiter

Well done to the Cub of the camp who received a certificate and also a Scout hand spinner which was the envy of all the Cubs. I am sure that all the Cubs and leaders had a really good time. I know my Cubs are looking forward to next Year.

Thanks to all the leaders that worked together to make this event happen.

Bob Wallace DCSL





Knights Camp

  Jupiter and Apollo packs spent a fun packed week end at the Winter Knights Camp.DSC 0137
27 Cubs Camped in the Kath Batts building at Belchamps. The weather turned out good. The theme of the camps was Knights of the round table. We made shields, tabards, helmets, catapults other activities included soft archery and a most enjoyable game of capture the sword.
While at camp we all completed our Backwoods cooking badge making cheesy chips and a cornet marshmallows chocolate afters although a few did get a bit burnt. We all managed to light a fire with a spark stick.
We had no complaints about the food, I think the popcorn and hot chocolate went down well while we watched a film.
We will have to get our thinking hats on to decide a them for next year.






 Jupiter Christmas Party





Hornchurch District Cub Air Rifle Competition

DSC 0162


















The District Cub Air Rifle competition was held at 8th Hornchurch Headquarters. This year 55 cubs attended the competition from 8 different cub packs; 1st Elm Park, 2nd Elm Park, 2nd Rainham, 3rd Rainham, 8th Hornchurch Jupiter, Apollo, Dragon and Mercury.
The Cubs were in two different age groups under 9 ¼ and over 9 ¼. The under 9 ¼'s shot in the morning and the over 9 ¼'s shot in the afternoon.
Before the Cubs shot for the competition they were each given a practice turn to ensure that they are all familiar with the air rifles. While the Cubs were shooting the waiting Cubs were occupied by a Video being shown on a large screen TV and the others were playing games out side on the grass.
 The top scoring cub in each age category received an individual certificate. There was also a trophy for 1st 2nd and 3rd place in each age group and a certificate for each Cub. The total score from each group was added together and the Group trophy was presented to the winning Group.  
There was a small printing glitch with the certificates and trophy’s. We won’t need to get any for next year. All new ones have been produced and will be given out later this week.
I would also like to say a big thank you to all the leaders who stayed and helped with the competition it would not have run as smoothly without your help.
The results for the competition are below.  The 8th Hornchurch Jupiter stopped 3rd Raynham’s attempt to gain the trophy for the 4th year in succession.


Under 9 1/4  
8th Hornchurch Jupiter 51
8th Hornchurch Dragon 33
3rd Rainham 21
Best Individual Score  
8th Hornchurch Jupiter Oliver 21
Over 9 1/4  
8th Hornchurch Jupiter 75
8th Hornchurch Mercury 66
8th Hornchurch Dragon 47
Best Individual Score  
8th Hornchurch Mercury Amelia 33
Total Group Scores  
8th Hornchurch Jupiter 126
8th Hornchurch Dragon 80
8th Hornchurch Mercury 66
8th Hornchurch Apollo 39
1st Elm Park 38
3rd Rainham 36
2nd Elm Park 28
2nd Rainham 20




Bob Wallace DCSL