Cubs District Archery Competition 2021

The District Cubs Archery Competition was held at 2nd Squirrels Heath HQ, Arnaud Lodge on the 9th October. It was split into 3 age groups under 9 under 10 and under 11. There were 3 trophies in each age group for the cubs to win and also keep.
We have never had so many Cubs attend the Archery before. 78 Cubs attended.

The weather was very warm and sunny. While not completing they spent time outside either watching a video or playing on the grass.
Due to the large numbers we had to extend the times for the under 10’s. But with What’s app available to some of the groups the parents were informed.

All the Cubs enjoyed the day. Drinks crisps and sweets were given to the Cubs.




St Georges Day 2021

Watch the video on Youtube.


Celebrating Saint George


8th Hornchurch Leader Good Service Awards

I would like to congratulate the following leaders with the 8th Hornchurch Scout Group who have recently received the following Good Service Awards:

  • Jackie Bruniges – Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service
  • Jack Bresslaw – Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service
  • Ian Meadows – Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service
  • Kevin Dible – Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service
  • Richard Thorn – Award for Merit

The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service is

Awarded in respect of not less than 5 years good service, which stands out. It should be regarded as the Chief Scout's recognition of the very real contribution made to the Scouts by the individual concerned.

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And I am sure you will agree all of our Scouting friends are worthy recipients, and join me in congratulating them on their awards.

The Award for Merit is

Awarded for outstanding service. It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period, of at least 12 years duration


 And I know that Richard richly deserves this Award not just for what he does for the 8th Hornchurch but also his significant efforts for Hornchurch District as well.

Please take a few moments to watch the videos of the presentations below.

Congratulations to you all





Group Scout Leader



Rob Saleh – Gone Home

Dear 8th Hornchurch Family

It is with immense shock and sadness that I write to inform you of the sudden death of Rob Saleh, the Scout Leader of the St.BCD 0223 Matthews Scout Troop, on the afternoon of Wednesday 10th March from a fatal heart attack. Many of us chatted and laughed with Rob at the Leaders & Executive Committee meeting only the day before and I last spoke one on one with him on Monday and saw him just recently as part of the Guard of Honour at Ernie’s funeral. I am sure you will all join me in keeping Lauren, Chris and Alex in our thoughts at this exceptionally sad time for them all.


Rob joined the 8th Hornchurch 14 years ago having been volunteered by his wife, Lauren, at our AGM in 2006.  He started as a Sectional Assistant with Apollo Cub Pack in January 2007 soon moving up to become Akela at Apollo, before moving on to St. Georges Scout Troop in January 2009.  Rob remained with St. Georges as joint leader with Stu Brown until he answered our desperate need to start a third Scout Troop (St. Matthews) in November 2019 where he was still the Scout Leader until his untimely death. 

Rob had a huge enthusiasm for life and did so much more than his ‘one hour a week’.  Along with Stu & Kevin and the rest of the Scout leader team he made a huge difference to the lives of many, many Scouts and just recently managed to increase his Troop numbers during the time of the Covid pandemic, a very significant achievement.  But on top of that he always helped me, as GSL, with so many other tasks, whether HQ gardening, other manual jobs at the HQ, sorting out the minibus MOT and more recently a significant amount of work arranging the installing of the new air conditioning unit at the HQ.

I always valued the conversations we frequently had and his counsel and advice were gratefully received.

I am sure our many Scouts and parents will remember Rob fondly and will share in the great sense of shock and loss we all feel at this time.

You will note that I addressed this tribute to the 8th Hornchurch Family as this terribly sad and unexpected news has brought home to me that we are one big Scouting family and in many cases so much more, and are in fact true friends to each other.

Please take care of each other

Yours in Scouting


8th Hornchurch volunteers receive awards

Congratulations to the following Leaders and Executive Committee members who have just received the following Long Service awards:

• Essie Jamal – Five Year Long Service Award – Executive Committee member and Scout Shop assistant

• Davied Rowe – Five Year Long Service Award – Group Treasurer

• Li Ma – Five Year Long Service Award – Sectional Assistant Mercury Cub Pack

And I was also very pleased to present the following Wood Badges:

• Kevin Dible – Section Leader – St. Andrews Troop

• Lucy Bresslaw – Assistant Section Leader – Beavers & Cubs

Congratulations to each of these volunteers on their awards.

Group Scout Leader


8th Hornchurch Young Leaders are presented with their Jack Petchey Awards

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Just recently I was very pleased to be able to present three of our wonderful Young Leaders with their Jack Petchey Outstanding Achiever Awards.

These awards were a little late in being presented (for obvious reasons) but I managed to get around to each of their houses and present them socially distanced

Congratulations to Abbie, Grace and Tom on their richly deserved awards.

Group Scout Leader

Gone Home Ernie Spicknell

DSC 0467 2Scout leader who died on 16th January. 
Ernie was an Assistant Cub Scout Leader with the Apollo Cub Pack starting back in November 1997, eventually retiring in May 2019 after over 20 years of dedicated service to the8th Hornchurch Scout Group. Ernie's `retirement' party was attended by many leaders and it would be fair to say that his face was aglow all evening.During his time as a leader Ernie received his various Long Service Awards and back in 2015 I was very pleased to visit Apollo Pack and indeed honoured, on behalf of the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, to present Ernie with the Award for Merit which is only presented to leaders on the following criteria: The Award for Merit is given for outstanding service of not less than 15 years. It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period and is a recognition of this exceptional service.Ernie was a very worthy recipient of the Award.We all have memories of Ernie and having helped out with Apollo Pack for a period of time I was lucky to see Ernie's contribution first hand, whether it was telling a joke and making us all laugh, or interacting fabulously with the Cubs or the pride he took in ensuring the flag was correctly folded and broken at the start of every Pack meeting with the due respect it deserved.We will all miss Ernie and I am sure you join me in sending our thoughts and condolences to Joan and their two children at this sad time.


8th Hornchurch Scout Leaders

CoOp Fundraising




St Andrews Beavers Remembrance Day – 11 November 2020

Normally, along with lots of other uniformed groups, we would parade through Hornchurch High Street to St Andrews Church to watch the special service at the War Memorial. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 we were not be able to do that this year.
To mark the occasion, we explained to the Beavers the significance of the Poppy and asked them to colour in a poppy picture and hang it in their windows. We got the download of the poppy picture from the Royal British Legion website and we made a small donation for this.
We also gave all the Beavers two large stones and some pens and during our Zoom Beaver meet on Wednesday 11th November, we coloured them in together with pictures of Poppies and the NHS rainbow.


St Andrews Beavers Face to Face Meeting

8th Hornchurch St Andrews Beavers had their first Face to Face Meeting on Wednesday 4th November in the grounds of 8th Hornchurch HQ, Chelmsford Drive.   Although chilly, the weather was dry, allowing the excited Beavers to meet in two bubbles for 30 minutes each with both groups playing a game of Riverbed.   Afterwards, there were lots of positive comments from parents, saying how much their Beavers enjoyed it, it was especially helpful for the new Beavers to the Colony so they could put names to faces in person rather than on Zoom.   Unfortunately, the leaders didn’t take any photos of the evening as they were so busy running the game in the short time they had together.

The leaders agreed it was lovely to see some faces again, especially as the National Youth Agency confirmed on the same day that from 5th November all Face to Face Scouting must stop during the 4 week lockdown in England.  The leaders gave each Beaver a pack of materials and asked them to start saving toilet roll tubes as they will continue to meet virtually via Zoom over the coming few weeks.  I wonder what they will be making???

District Cubs Lego Competition

LegowCongratulations to the two winners of the District Lego Competition.

The winners were picked by three members of the District. The DDC, District Chair and a District Cub Leader.

Due to the good quality of the building we decided to give a second prize.  1st prize was a £40 Lego kit and second was a £20 Lego kit.

The winner was Luke from 8th Hornchurch Jupiter and second place went to Jack from 1st Squirrels Heath. Well done to both Cubs and have fun with your new kits.


Bob Wallace

ADC Cubs (Events)

Young Leaders



Congratulations to Aliyah and George who were presented with their Young Leader certificates and belts. They had both completed their First Aid training. Aliyah had done hers on the Lord Amory while she spent weekends on board assisting and earning her boating qualifications. While George completed his with The St Johns Ambulance. If lockdown had come two weeks later then we would have had another 11 Young Leaders who would have completed their First Aid training. They would also be receiving their certificates and belts. So as soon as we can return to meetings, we will get a training course for these youngsters.