St Andrews Beavers Vikings

 Vikings 1

On Thursday 8th June, St Andrews Beavers had some Viking visitors.  Pete and Stef take part in LARP (Live Action Role Play) for their hobby and they kindly brought their collection of Viking goodies with them and spoke to the Beavers as well as showing them how to be a true Viking and cut someone in half!


St Georges Day

 BCD 0241



Hornchurch Scout Group celebrates 90 years of Fun, Adventure and Skills for Life


The 8th Hornchurch Scout Group is formed of three founder Scout Groups: the 3rd Hornchurch which quickly renamed itself the 2nd Hornchurch, the 5th Hornchurch and the 8th Hornchurch.  The oldest of these three founder Scout Groups, the 2nd Hornchurch, was formed on 29th June 1931.  This means that in 2021 the 8th Hornchurch was 90 years old.  For Covid related reasons we were not able to celebrate in 2021 but on the 3rd September 2022 over 100 past and current adult volunteers and their families came together at the Scout HQ, Chelmsford Drive, to celebrate this amazing milestone.

It was fabulous to see so many adults who have contributed so much over many years come together and reminisce over so many memories.  However much we all thought we knew of the Group there was so much discussed and gaps in knowledge filled and fun and adventure relived.  The weather was kind to us allowing the congregated Group to mill about both inside and outside the HQ.

Andy Rice, current GSL, was pleased to welcome everyone and give a short introductory speech running through the timeline of the 8th Hornchurch (see below) and a few personal memories.  One of the great awareness’s from the day was that friendships which had been formed through the Scout Group had continued onwards for many years thereafter which is clearly a great biproduct of volunteering with the Scout Movement. 

We acknowledged those volunteers and friends who have ‘Gone Home’ previously, and many made use of the outside memorial bench to enjoy the sunshine.

Displays had been pulled together of adult volunteers over the years and whilst far from complete, for most sections we have been able to go back to the 1960s so we have some 60 years of our leader history documented.

There was also a display talking about the building of the HQ (see here) which for those who don’t know was coordinated and carried out by a small group of dedicated leaders over some four years of hard work in the evenings and weekends – to this group of leaders we owe a massive debt of gratitude as without the HQ as our central focal point the Group would not be what it is today.

There was a further display (see here) regarding some members of the 2nd Hornchurch who went to the Second World War and didn’t come home.  We can only imagine what an impact that must have had on the members of that Scout Group, indeed I can remember my dad, a member of the 2nd Hornchurch from 1940, talking about the sad loss of their leaders.  We had also located some Newsletters which were printed and sent out to the front line to keep the Scout Leader soldiers aware of how the Group was progressing and we can be sure these newsletters were a great comfort to the soldiers when enduring very difficult and challenging times.  We are sure they “did their best” whilst serving their country.

We finished the afternoon with lots of discussion of meeting on Sunday 29th June 2031 to celebrate our centenary.

Andy Rice

GSL, 8th Hornchurch


Cornwell Scout Award

BCD 0022Today we had the enormous pleasure to witness the award of the extremely rare Cornwell Scout Award for bravery to Eddie, a Cub Scout from 8th Hornchurch who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 6 and had to endure gruelling chemotherapy, six hour operations, repeated blood tests and infusions, and all with a smile on his face.

Despite all of this Eddie’s dedication and devotion to Scouting has been second to none - only missing one Scout event throughout his treatment and often rushing from hospital appointments to get to Beavers at 2nd Squirrels Heath and now Cubs at 8th Hornchurch.

Fortunately Eddie’s treatment has been successful and his tumour has now not grown for over two years. Throughout all of this his positive and inspiring outlook has been a shining example to all!

The award was presented to a surprised Eddie today in front of friends and family by Lee Clark, County Commissioner for GLNE on behalf of Bear Grylls, the Chief Scout.

We are all really proud of Eddie and hope that he has an amazing day when he goes to Windsor Castle in April to meet the Chief Scout and to join the National Queens Scout Service. It’s so well deserved!

You may also not realise that at the top end of Station Lane and Suttons Avenue in Hornchurch are the Cornwell Cottages, constructed in the shape of a Victoria Cross and managed by the Royal Navy Benevolent Fund for disabled ex-service personnel. 



Dean Jefferys

Interim District Commissioner