Group Camp 2018

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St Georges Day 2018

Dear leaders, parents and all of our membersDSC 0091

THANK YOU for such a great turn-out at the recent St. Georges Day Parade. As always it was an honour to be part of such a well-attended parade. And despite the exceptional April temperature everyone still looked very smart.

My thanks go to Stuart Brown who led the parade from an 8th Hornchurch perspective today and how fitting he did so on the day he was presented with his richly deserved Bar to the Medal of Merit. This award recognises the significant contribution Stuart makes to Scouting and I was very pleased to see him receive his award. CONGRATULATIONS to Stu.

Congratulations also to Nicky Gillett on receiving her 15 year Long Service Award – and still only looks 21!!

It was also great to see 8th Hornchurch so well represented within the various District roles. Aliyah carried the Union Flag with distinction at the head of the District Colour Party and two Scouts (Adam Grace and Harry Manning) were also part of the District Colour Party. By the looks of the scarfs I think we had one (if not two) of the Scouts who read the Scout Law and the Reflection Reading and they both read very well. If I have missed anyone else from the 8th who contributed to this morning’s Parade (or anything else which happened within the Beaver service) then my apologies.

Well done and thank you all for coming along this morning.

Yours in Scouting



Hornchurch District Cubs Archery Competition

Hornchurch District Cubs Archery Competition 2018
Under 9 years old     Under 10 years old     Under 11 years old  
3rd Rainham 144   1st Elm Park 142   8th Hornchurch Jupiter 212
3rd Rainham  (mixed) 106   3rd Upminster Livingstone 140   2nd Squirrels Heath 188
2nd Cranham, 1st South Hornchurch, 1st Upminster 98   8th Hornchurch Jupiter 136   1st South Hornchurch 184
2nd Squirrels Heath 96   3rd Upminster Wesley 134   1st Elm Park 144
8th Hornchurch Apollo 92   8th Hornchurch Apollo 128   2nd Elm Park Tiger 106
Highest Score     Highest Score     Highest Score  
James 2nd Cranham 62   Jack 8th Hornchurch Jupiter 62   Joshua 1st South Hornchurch 88




Scouts Own 2018

Dear Leaders and Executive Committee Members

My sincere thanks to you all and your members for an excellent turn-out at our annual Group Scouts Own. The HQ were certainly packed and it was fabulous to see so many parents join us for the service. Please pass on my thanks to all of your members.

My special thanks to Jack, Aliyah, Lucy and Akela Bob who ran the Scouts Own and also talked to us all about the upcoming Gambia trip. The collection at the end of the service raised over £200 for Gambia which will make a huge difference.

During the service we were pleased to make a number of presentations as follows:

Five Year Long Service Awards
• Graham Jarvis – St. Andrews Troop
• Lynn Thorn – Mercury and Dragon Packs
• Sallie Jeffries – St. Andrews Beavers
• Lauren James-Saleh – St. Matthews Beavers

Ten Year Long Service Awards
• Robert Saleh – St. Georges Troop
• Paul Snell – St. Andrews Troop
• Lloyd Jones – St. Georges Troop

Chief Scouts GOLD Award
• Rhys Easman – Explorer and YL at Apollo Cubs

Medal of Merit
• Bob Wallace

My congratulations to everyone who received an award at this year’s Scouts Own – the Awards reflect huge dedication, hard work and contribution to both the Group and the wider Hornchurch District – WELL DONE.

Yours in Scouting

GSL (and for just two minutes Chief Scout)




Harry Potter camp

On the weekend of the 2-4th of February 28 cubs from Jupiter and Dragon Cub packs attended a Harry Potter camp at Belchamps. The camp was a resoundingHWbadge success and all those that attended the weekend had a fantastic time and all came away with new spells.
The Cubs and young leaders were sorted by the sorting hat into their respective houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The sorting set the tone for a magical weekend.
After this the cubs coloured their household crests and they went on a hike around the site.
The following morning the different houses started to attend their different classes, wand making, Defence against the Dark arts, Find the philosophers stone, and the Sorceress hunt. Each of these lessons were thoroughly enjoyable and the cubs learned lots of new things.
They all came away from the camp with their own wands, uniforms and also medals and wizard’s hats.
The Sorceress hunt was to enable them to find the ingredients for the potions to be used on Sunday. The cubs found the philosophers stone after a hike searching around the campsite. They also discovered how to repel death eaters during defence against the dark arts by using nerf guns.
Each of the classes had house points up for grabs in order to determine which the best house was for the camp. The cubs also competed in an inter house quidditch tournament which they thoroughly enjoyed and got rather muddy.
They then had a wide game which where the cubs earned more points for their houses. It was a really enjoyable and fun day at Hogwarts.
On Sunday they had a few final classes, they had a potions class where they had to perform different tasks in order to make slime. They also competed in the Triwizard’s tournament and a muggle studies class in the art of fire lighting.
The scores were then calculated to determine who was the winning house and the winning house was Ravenclaw, second place was Gryffindor, third place was Hufflepuff and in last place was Slytherin. All those who attended the camp had a great time and can’t wait until the next one.

Jack Bresslaw

Over the weekend the Cubs had 2 cameras with them to take pictures.